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It was a true pleasure having Kate Eichhorn and Aisha Sasha John read for us at Of Swallows, Their Deeds, and the Winter Below as our third Wild Occasional Bloom last Friday. Many thanks to Kate and Aisha, and special thanks to Jenny Sampirisi of BookThug and Jason Rovito of Of Swallows for all their hand in making this event a success.

It’s probably about time that we announce our next event. We hope you can make it!

Tuesday, April 19 · 6:30pm – 9:30pm

The Ossington

61 Ossington Avenue

Toronto, ON

Bill Kennedy

Bill Kennedy is the Artistic Director of the Scream Literary Festival in Toronto and runs Stop14 Media, a new media consultancy. Update (Snare Books 2010) is his second book with Darren Wershler and other literary robots.

Angela Szczepaniak

A doctoral candidate at the University at Buffalo, Angela Szczepaniak is neck-deep in a dissertation on innovative poetry, detective fiction, and comic books. Her first book is a novel-in-poems, called Unisex Love Poems. In addition to publishing poetry and critical essays, she recently participated in a hygiene themed poetry-art project with LOCCAL, and as a result her visual poetry can be found on placards in some of the finest public restrooms in Seattle. Her books of visual fictions, The QWERTY Institute (an annual report) and The QWERTY Institute of Cosmetic Typographical Enhancement, are forthcoming very soon.  At the moment, she lives in Toronto, where she thinks about being ravaged by time’s withered claw.

Eric Foley

Eric Foley’s fiction and poetry have been published in numerous places. He is a previous winner of Geist Magazine and the White Wall Review’s Postcard Story contests, and has been a finalist for the Random House Creative Writing Award and the Hart House Literary Contest. Eric misses watching movies at the old Cinematheque Ontario in Jackman Hall; third row, left of centre. He “likes” Toronto, but thinks a lot about living elsewhere. He is currently enrolled in Guelph-Humber’s MFA program in creative writing.


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